Sirius and Fixed Stars


If there is one area where I feel weak, it is the fixed stars. I only know about the major ones such as Regulus, Algol, Vindemiatrix, Sirius, etc. So I find it very helpful to have software that gives me loads of information about these. With the chart of US president Obama, I wanted to know about Toliman. This would… Read more →

Opening Screen

Sirius software version 2 Part 1

I am a distributor for Cosmic Patterns software, have been for many years now. I have been beta-testing the new version of Sirius 2.0 from Cosmic Patterns Software for the past two weeks. It has been a very informative and interesting experience. I want to thank David Cochrane for the privilege; I have not done this before. For the first week… Read more →

Seasons by Ritva Sillanmäki

Elements Shift and Change

There is a whole lot of shifting of energies at present. Jupiter moved into Leo—from water to fire on July 16, 2014—read about that. The Sun also moved into its own sign Leo, as it does every year adding more fire to the equation (more about that at, and on the 26th Mars finally leaves the sign of Libra… Read more →

Astrology and Belief

I was reading a post by a Finnish colleague about whether astrology is a belief system or a tool. To paraphrase her “we don’t believe in the Chinese language, mathematics, music, etc.” (link to her article in Finnish). It reminded me of an article I penned back in 2001 on the same topic (I am finding lots of articles I… Read more →

Forecasting techniques

The Forecasting Course begins in October 2014 We will look at the various forecasting techniques including transits, secondary progressions, and solar arc directions, return charts such as the solar return and some older techniques such as profections and time periods. The course is intended to introduce you to the techniques and tools available, and understanding when and how to use them…. Read more →

My logo

Revisions to website

I am taking advantage of the Mercury retrograde and making revisions, corrections and generally tweaking my websites. My son, Warwick Massey, who uses the job title Creative made this gorgeous image and all of the associated ‘branding’ for me. Use the links to see more about his work. The logo is beautifully based on the golden mean, and I just love it. Ordering new business cards… Read more →


Clash of the Titans

Today I’m working on the AstroInsight tweets for the 12 signs (find it on Facebook), behind schedule as I could have written these much earlier, tweeting them out tomorrow afternoon or evening. Astrology is wonderful in this regard — we can gauge astrological weather well in advance. The symbolism we decipher does not change, the words we choose to use… Read more →