New beginnings


I have just moved into a new location, lots of unpacking and rearranging. While I was moving my life and possessions, my websites were under Brute Force Attack, so my service provider has temporarily blocked the ability to post comments, and I personally am unable to log into I wanted to update my office phone number, the new number… Read more →

Out of my office

I am getting ready to catch a flight this afternoon, will be visiting San Diego, looking forward to spending time with my friend and colleague Julie, she has arranged for me to attend a lecture/workshop at the San Diego Astrological Society on Sunday, looking forward to it. On Tuesday the 23rd I will be at the ISAR 2014 conference through the end… Read more →

Class schedule changes

I am getting ready to move, which means disruptions to my schedule until late October. So I am postponing the two online courses ABC and forecasting to either November or January. I am working on a new teaching platform with Pat Collins. So currently working closely with her on setting up a wonderful platform with self-paced study, handouts and live… Read more →

Opening Screen

Sirius software version 2 Part 1

I am a distributor for Cosmic Patterns software, have been for many years now. I have been beta-testing the new version of Sirius 2.0 from Cosmic Patterns Software for the past two weeks. It has been a very informative and interesting experience. I want to thank David Cochrane for the privilege; I have not done this before. For the first week… Read more →

Seasons by Ritva Sillanmäki

Elements Shift and Change

There is a whole lot of shifting of energies at present. Jupiter moved into Leo—from water to fire on July 16, 2014—read about that. The Sun also moved into its own sign Leo, as it does every year adding more fire to the equation (more about that at, and on the 26th Mars finally leaves the sign of Libra… Read more →

Astrology and Belief

I was reading a post by a Finnish colleague about whether astrology is a belief system or a tool. To paraphrase her “we don’t believe in the Chinese language, mathematics, music, etc.” (link to her article in Finnish). It reminded me of an article I penned back in 2001 on the same topic (I am finding lots of articles I… Read more →